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SLHO & Associates Limited is an Architectural firm based in Hong Kong with over 40 years of experience and unrelenting enthusiasm towards design. The team here aims to provide design solutions that are appropriate, innovative yet cost effective and non-conforming to mediocrity.


We treat architecture, interior design and urban planning as part problem solving, part anticipating the psychological perception norm, and part pushing the envelope of what architecture is about, providing a solution that will evolve with time.




We believe a good design is a design that addresses the problem with the most appropriate solution. It all starts with realizing what the problem is in the first place. While clients will invariably relay their problems in respect to a design project to us during the first meeting, comprehending beyond what is expressed verbally often makes the difference, and it requires close observation of the site, the activities taken place, evaluating all those factors that will come into interaction with the design both now and into the future.


Changes exist in all, whether it is the environmental condition, the time of day, people’s behavior, their respective state of mind and the type of activities that are being carried out under different circumstances, the list goes on. While it is not a definitive necessity to understand all aspect of change, the more you understand it, the closer it is for the design to arrive at the optimum level. It is not a linear function, just like our life exists in a complex relationship of different functions, each having a mutual influence on one another, nor are we trying to pinpoint all changes, but rather, is to design with an intention to embrace change.


No matter how interesting a design appears on paper, or how it appears when it is first erected, it must be able to stand through the test of time during its useful life, not only physically, but also through people’s perception. The design must accommodate changes that take place, to adapt to the evolution of one’s mind, or the space it resided in.

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