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Quarry Bay Park

Plants know no boundary, and when faced with obstacles, they will meander their way thru, fusing with the surroundings, blending in harmoniously.


Our proposed furniture system, constructed of modular units, has the same nature of the natural world, capable of embracing existing forms, forming a new layer of fabric, connecting the disjointed surroundings.


Each module is constructed with fiberglass with steel frame inside, with the exterior finished in EPDM, a common recyclable material that is normally used for the flooring of a playground. Porous in nature, the material can drain water fast, and allows air to be trapped inside, which makes the piece more temperature stable, warmer to touch in the winter, cools down faster in the summer.


Unlike how most furniture are done these days which are mostly fabricated in a mechanical environment, the EPDM layer is hand finished and each piece is unique in a way. Our decision in choosing this material is with consideration on its performance as well as returning to the time when handmade craft still matters. This is particularly important especially at times when the economy is unstable and people are out of jobs. Do we want more mass production? Or do we want products that have a better human touch?


They can exist as a single piece of furniture, but thanks to the angles and dimensions they were designed in, when placed in a cluster, and fixed at different levels, there is endless possibilities in its configuration and can initiate strings of interactive environment.


This is an attempt to look at how furniture can be instead of the usual benches. Using a single module to form different type of seating arrangements as well as becoming back support, table tops, or even an outdoor obstacle course for children. The possibility is endless.

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